Saturday, December 19, 2009

Still Catching Up...

Ok, so here's an overview of day 2:

My OS came by to see me about 6am, he was pleased with how well I was doing and he took the NG tube out. I loved the fact that that little tube drained the blood out of my stomach and kept me from being nauseated, but it was such a relief to get it out! I could swallow more easily and I was able to breath a little through my nose :)

Later that morning my catheter was removed and I was moved to a regular room...that's where the wonderful attention ceased. I was supposed to call a nurse when I had to get u to go to the bathroom, so they could disconnect my IV and these leg pump things they put on me, but it would sometimes take 30 minutes for someone to get there! A minute or two after I pressed the call button someone would come on the little speaker and ask me what I needed...think about that for a second. JAW SURGERY PATIENT. Really? They could barely understand me when they were in the room with me, much less over a speaker!

My mom came back to the hospital and spent the afternoon with me, which meant that she just unhooked me and rehooked me when I wanted to get out of bed. My nurses were really nice, just it was nice to have someone there just for me.

The second day, they switched from giving me my pain meds through my IV to orally. YUCK. I have never liked liquid medications, and did not want to take them! I also was taking Dimatap orally, which is a decongestant. That one tasted like grape, not nearly as bad as the acid infused yellow gatorade disgustingness that was my pain med!

I walked around that afternoon (usually everytime I got up to go to the bathroom I took a lap around the floor), though I was really shaky on my feet at first it got a lot better!

MY OS came to see me again that evening, and he said that I would be cleared to go home in the morning (YAY!!!). I was just so ready to be out of the hospital!

Ok, time to try to get some food down, and it's also time for my antibiotics and pain meds (yay wonderful OS for giving me prescriptions for pills when I begged for them!!!)

I'll finish updating you all in a few hours!

<3 Stefane

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