Saturday, December 26, 2009

Days 9 & 10- Christmas after jaw surgery

Sorry I didn't write for the last 2 days, I took a break from technology for Christmas!

Christmas was interesting...I got presents with tags on them saying "Do NOT Use Until NEXT YEAR!" They were things like a tube sled and a air pop popcorn maker (which I've wanted for my dorm room for awhile now). Eating Christmas dinners was even more interesting!

For Christmas Eve we always do out big Italian dinner: Wedding Soup, Chicken Parmesan, and Manicotti. So, I ate soup, then blended up the chicken with extra sauce, and blended up the manicotti with extra cheese. The chicken actually tasted pretty good, but somehow the manicotti didn't...

Christmas Day I actually ate some french toast for breakfast! I chopped it into tiny pieces, so all I had to do was put it in my mouth and swallow :) For dinner my family made a pork tenderloin (which I wouldn't have eaten anyways) and twice baked potatoes. I ate an entire (very large) potato, and have another in the fridge for later today!


I'm sleeping much better now that I'm taking the Ambien. I wake up once in the early hours of the morning, right around 5 hours after I last to Motrin, and then I sleep until morning!

Numbness-I have a tiny bit of feeling in my bottom lip! It's very minuscule, I can only tell it's there when I'm deliberately trying to tell if I have feeling...on the other hand, my chin is still completely numb. Most of the rest of my face is still very tingly.

Congestion/coughing- I'm still very congested and am coughing a lot. It's really annoying, because it hurts my jaw to cough so much...

The splint-I can open my mouth pretty wide, so I've been really good about cleaning my splint, but sometimes it still feels slimy. I noticed yesterday afternoon that I'm not biting into it correctly anymore, my teeth kind of hit it and then slide forward into the groove. I'm a little bit worried. I'm going to see my OS bright and early on Monday morning (at 7:15 IN THE MORNING!!), so I'm sure I'll have some new band configuration to help with it. But, in the back of my head there's this voice saying "what if he decides to wire my mouth shut?" I'm not sure how i would handle I guess we'll see.

Here are my lovely pictures from Day 10:

Best wishes to all-

<3 Stefane

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  1. You are coming along... you will be at the end before you know it. And haha I didn't know other people had the Christmas Eve Italian Tradition too. We have stuffed shells though, but still. :)
    Merry Christmas, Makay