Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Before Shots

Surgery is tomorrow! I'll post again tonight about my last meals and preparation for the hospital, but I wanted to post pictures! My best friend is here and she took these today:


  1. Hey,

    Well, frankly you look great to begin with, but I can see what a change this is going to be for you. I'm excited to read your posts. All the best and eat a small McDonald's hamburger for me tonight!! Hahahaha :)

  2. The cange will just be much more functional for me :) I'm eating Cheesecake Factory dessert, and anything else I have a craving for, yay!!

  3. It's so hard to even think about function right now when soup drips down my chin, but very soon the functional aspect will become much more apparent. Cheesecake Factory...that's just wrong. WRONG! :)