Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 6- Starting to feel better!

I actually had a really good day yesterday! And, it was my first full day just taking Motrin and not taking any Vikodin! My days are mostly good now, nights still are a major issue...

I had a smoothie for breakfast, which I actually ate sitting at the kitchen table with my family while they ate bagels... I'm able to "eat" with a lot less mess than I was a few day ago!

I had my 1-week post-op appointment at my OS in the afternoon. When I got there I only waited in the waiting room a couple of minutes (versus 20+ normally) before they brought me back...where I waited 30 minutes for my doctor. My mom made a comment about them bringing me back here to wait now that I'm swollen and uncomfortable, I told her they did it because they didn't want me to scare anyone :D My OS said everything looks good! I asked him about the trouble I am having sleeping- he said it was fairly normal and I could try Advil PM and he would prescribe me something if that didn't work. He took out the external stitches and put band-aids on the incisions instead, those have to stay on a couple days. He also showed me how to take my rubber bands on and off, so I can "eat" and brush my teeth a bit more easily. While the bands were off he measured my opening...(drumroll, please)...20mm. That's right, 20. He said it was incredible!

On the way home we stopped at Super Target because I wanted Couscous and we needed to get the Advil PM. I stayed in the car...I'm still very drooly and was not going to walk around Target with a washcloth bib on...

I had a bowl of couscous when we got home, and it tasted sooooooooo good! It was the first time real food tasted good to me...I've had soft scrambled eggs, cream of chicken soup mixed with cream cheese, mashed potatoes, etc, but none of those really tasted good to me.

I was tried after that, so I decided to rest and watch a movie. I wasn't tired to the point of wanting to take a nap, I just needed to sit and rest for awhile.

For dinner i made Velveeta (smashed up) shells and cheese, which turned out to be a lot more complicated that I thought (the noodles weren't quite small enough-even tough I'd smashed them with a rolling pin-so I had to chop them up once they'd cooked-not easy, they're sticky) but it was something else that tasted really good :)

After dinner I took a long, hot shower (as I have done every afternoon). I don't know why washing my hair makes me feel better, but it truly does...

Sleeping didn't go so well again last night, even with the Advil PM. I kept waking up, and I don't know why. My body is tired, I'm tired, I need a good night's sleep, but I can't seem to get one. I think I might have to use the prescription my OS gave me for that sleep aid...I don't really want to, but I need to sleep!!!!!

Now, picture time!

Cheese!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is a smile!

Hope everyone is doing well in their preparation or recovery!

<3 Stefane

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  1. Looking good. :) You are doing well for most people! 20mm?! Day 7? Holy Cow! haha. Here is to you and a great recovery!!!!!! :)
    Merry Christmas...
    Love and Support Always, Makay