Monday, December 21, 2009

Pictures, Days 4 & 5

Day 4:
I don't really know if the swelling went down between days 3 and 4, but bruising did start to emerge...

Here you can see how swollen I am under my chin...

Day 5:

I think the swelling has gone down some, maybe along my bottom jaw :)

I like that, in this picture, you can see how my chin isn't quite as out there :) though you can see the bruising.

And, lastly, a lovely shot of the bruising that began emerging around day 4 and got worse into day 5 :)

I'm going to see my OS in a few hours, so I'll have more to update you all on after that!


  1. I can see a huge difference on the Day 5 photos - swelling is starting to go down and the bruising means it's all healing!

    The swelling under the chin is the worst, isn't it? I still have that, but it's very slowly been going down each day. I think it will be the toughest bit to shape and I've been heating it like crazy.

    Apply heat and enjoy those showers!

  2. Yeah the swelling looks better from day 4 to day 5. I hope you feel better! :) Don't worry you will start to see a huge improvement and your new jaw coming out soon! I know I cant wait to see some cheekbones after my surgery! :) haha
    Love and Support Always, Makay