Sunday, January 17, 2010

4 1/2 weeks, wow!

Getting back to normal life has been a little more difficult then I thought it would be, but for entirely different reasons. I thought that my swelling was still so bad and that it was really noticeable and that people would have trouble understanding me...there is still noticeable swelling, but it's not too bad. A few of my friends have said that it gets better every time they see me :) I have a lisp, because of the splint, but I only have to repeat things occasionally, so my speech obviously isn't too bad!

My energy level is one thing that has made this last week difficult for me. I start the day off with lots of energy, but it drains quickly and then I need to rest. I had meetings that ran late two nights last week, and all I could do was sit there and try not to fall asleep...I was just exhausted! My OS told me (a million times, lol) that I need to listen to my body and rest when it tells me to rest, and I'm trying, but sometimes it's difficult with class schedules, meetings, etc!

The other thing that has made the transition difficult are the limits on activities I can do right now. I'm still in the initial "no heavy physical activity" phase, plus I can't do anything where I could get hit in the face... I want to go have fun with my friends, but I can't go sledding or skiing or snowshoeing, I can't go play volleyball, and that's what they're doing. My friends are wonderful and supportive, but they want to be outside enjoying the weather (it's "warm" and sunny), not inside watching movies or whatever...

So, enough depressing stuff, on to the good parts!

The bruising is completely gone, there's not even a tinge of yellow left! My skin is clearing up...I'm still broken out, but it's getting better. I'm only taking pain meds at night and occasionally during the day (only when I need them), so the pain has been pretty manageable.

My bite is wonderful, I'm biting into the splint perfectly! I can't wait to get the splint out and feel my actual bite!! Just 11 days left!

A tip for anyone with a splint: try that new kind of toohpaste: Isoactive toothgel. I bought some last week, and am amazed by how clean my splint feels after brushing! It gets food bits out of my splint even before I use my waterpick! Just make sure that you only use a little bit of the gel, because when it starts to foam it will fill your mouth if you use too much :)

Ok, I need to do homework and work on my online classes, but I'll leave you with some pictures!

Much love and best wishes,

<3 Stefane


  1. Looking good. Your swelling is going down... very apparent. I am sure getting the splint out is going to be awesome! And especially getting to see your new bite! Make sure to post us some pictures! haha. Congrats! :)
    Love and Support Always, Makay

  2. Hey, I had the same op as you 8 days ago, mandibular sagittal split osteotomy (setback). Its reassuring to see your recovery via your blog, I'm looking forward to having less of a balloon face :P I'm banded shut, but no splint, guess its done slightly differently here in England. Just wanted to say, if my jaw looks half as fab as yours in 4 weeks time i'll be very happy! Good luck with the rest of the recovery.
    Kerry, Cambridge UK

  3. Kerry-

    The swelling really was the worst of it! It's what made everything else so terrible: sleeping, "eating", and going out into public...I still feel very puffy, worse on some days than on others, but it's getting better.
    Best wishes with your recovery as well!