Saturday, January 9, 2010

25 days down...back to normal life

Hello all! Well, I'm back at school..actually I'm staying in a hotel with my mom for a few days so I get good sleep (which wouldn't be easy in the dorms!!).

On Thursday I had my 3-week (since I won't be in Colorado 4 weeks after) post op appointment with Dr. N. He was impressed with my color- apparently I look healthy. I only have to wear my bands at night now (YAY!) because I'm biting into my splint perfectly (double YAY!!), so my mobility and opening should improve significantly!!

On the way home from that appointment I stopped by my orthodontist's office just to say hi. Everyone was so happy to see me and they all said that I looked wonderful, that my bite was perfect, etc.

Yesterday I flew from Denver to Chicago...I was in a little bit of pain during the flight, I think it was the pressure changes. However, it was nothing a few Motrin didn't relieve! I did notice that I was more swollen after the flight, and that seemed to go away overnight.

We had an 8 hour drive up to Marquette today, so my mom was worried about where we could stop to eat (where I could have some type of soup...) I found a Panera right on our route, so we ended up stopping there for lunch :) I had Macaroni and Cheese and Baked Potato soup. It was very yummy...despite the strange looks I got from a few people because I was eating it with a baby spoon!

So, that's a rundown of the last few days, and here are some other updates:

Skin- I expected to be broken out after the surgery, and was pleasantly surprised when my skin stayed clear. The clear skin lasted for almost 3-weeks after the beginning of this week I began to break out along my top lip, then my chin, and now my cheek too! I'm washing my face with my normal stuff (that has always worked well for me), but it hasn't seemed to help.

Sleeping- I'd been sleeping well from 1 week until just before the 3 week I'm having trouble sleeping again. It's probably just anxiety about starting the semester, but I've also woken up in pain a few times...

Bruising- It's mostly gone! Just a little tinge of yellow on one side!

Alright, that's all for pictures tonight, my camera is at my dorm room!

Much love and best wishes,

<3 Stefane

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  1. How long did it take for ur swelling to go after I had my surgery on May 12 and my swelling is still very bad and my lump nodes are pretty big. Did you have any issues with that?