Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Things I'm most worried about...

I'm not actually too worried about the surgery itself. I have two wonderful surgeons who have been doing this surgery together for years. I'm young, I've done plenty of research, and I have a clear idea of why I'm doing this which helps me have a good attitude.

Mostly I'm worried about the recovery:
nosebleeds-I get them fairly often when I go home because of the high altitude, so add that to jaw surgery, yikes!
throwing up-my surgeon has already told me that I will have a tube in to drain the blood out of my stomach, but I'm still nervous. I'm going to ask about anti-nausea meds at my next pre-op appointment (which is in 2 weeks!)
getting back to school-3 1/2 hour plane ride 23 days post-op. Enough Said. (Has anyone done this??? When was the first time any of you flew after your surgery?)
the cold-last January we had classes canceled multiple days because it was -25 F with a -45 F wind chill! I'm buying plenty of scarves to wrap up in!

And the big one...
the SPLINT-I will have the splint in for 6 weeks! I will have post-op appointments with my OS at 1 week and 2 weeks post-op, but won't have a 4-week appointment because I'll be back at school (yay!). So I'll fly home the last weekend in January to get my splint out...I've heard a lot of people say that their speech was affected by the splint and eating is messy. I suppose the first few weeks of the semester will be interesting! Also, will I be able to close my lips over the splint?

5 weeks from tomorrow (when I will not be posting because I have classes all day, a meeting, a paper to write, and an exam to study for)!

<3 Stefane


  1. Wow I could never live where you live! I live in hot muggy Florida. I hated the splint. I took it out before I was supposed to, it kept me from being able to close my mouth. I totally don't reccommend taking it out on your own though-- I called my doctor after I did it, and he was luckily okay with it. Most people don't seem to have a problem with the splints-- they are more of a nuisance I guess. I think that me not being able to close is not typical but I don't know... Good luck with your surgery! I look forward to see how you're doing!

  2. ooof...the splint sucked. really. just makes it hard to eat and really self conscious and not to mention talking with it...

    Throwing up isn't a big deal after...it felt pretty good to me...i had a splint and was rubber banded shut when I threw up and still came out pretty good, I didn't choke or anything. Just think, it's temporary and then you will have an awesome bite! it is worth it! Good luck!

  3. Hey!

    You're sounding a lot like me. I am going to school in Winnipeg, Canada and it's been unseasonably warm right now, but soon it will drop to -45 for months on end. I'm also trying to get all of my school stuff done so that I have that week-end before my surgery on the 9th to take a breather, relax, eat some good food and take it down a notch after the semester ends. I'm T-27 days today...
    As for flying, I decided not to do it, but only because I want to spend the time alone recovering and not watching everyone else eat good food. My surgeon said that if I wanted to fly home even for X-Mas it would be fine.
    Are you having upper or lower/Or both?

  4. Thanks for all the encouragement and support! It seems so close, yet so far away at the same time!

    I don't have a choice with the flying thing...I have to be back for the start of the semester! I've already asked my surgeon about it and he said that I should be alright to fly by then.

    5 weeks!