Friday, November 13, 2009

Deep Muscle Relaxation

Hi everyone!

Last night I went to a workshop on Deep Muscle Relaxation. they promote it as an important skill to learn before finals, but I had a different use in mind!

I have a tendency to tense my face up a lot, and I don't usually realize that I'm doing it. So, I figured that going to the workshop would help me now, as well as after surgery.

We went through the entire body tensing and relaxing muscle groups, from the hands up the arms then from the head down to the toes. We did quite a few to relax the face, jaw, throat, and neck.

Next time my muscles start to get aggravated I'm going to try this, and see if it helps! I'm hoping that this will help me relax when I wake up after the surgery and when I'm trying to fall asleep. I'm going to practice a lot between now and then, just so it's automatic for me to do it when I feel myself tensing up.

If anyone wants the instructions on how to do this I can send them to you, just leave me a note in the comments!

<3 Stefane

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