Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So, the scary teeth cleaning is over! But first I went to see my OS...

Dr. N is really happy about my bite, and about my opening. I'm back to what my max opening was before the surgery, at 50 mm. I told him about the issues I've been having with the nerves in my chin and bottom lip. It has really been bugging me lately: when it's windy or cold out, or when I rub my chin (wash my face...), it gets really painful. He told me that there are a couple of medications we could try that would help with the nerve pain. So, I decided to try Neurontin for a month and see if it helps at all. Since I'm trying this medication, he wants to see me again in June (before I go back to Michigan).

The teeth cleaning was painful, not all the time, but when she hit certain areas... I'm just really glad that it's over with! I do have one cavity, way in the back, where I couldn't brush because of the splint. Overall it wasn't too bad.

Alright, I'm falling asleep, so I'd better go to bed!

<3 Stefane

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