Saturday, February 20, 2010


So, 3 1/2 weeks ago when I saw Dr. N he was concerned about 2 inflamed areas, one on each side of my nose. He though that the two stitches up there were infected and put me on antibiotics. I finished the antibiotics last Sunday (almost 2 weeks ago) and the areas were still inflamed and painful to the touch. I called the office and Dr. N prescribed me another round of antibiotics. I finished those on Thursday night...and the areas are still inflamed and swollen. I'm worried that it's something serious...

I'm going home for spring break next week, so I'll see Dr. N a week from Tuesday. However, I don't know what to do in the meantime. There's not much that can be done when I'm in Michigan and he's in Colorado.


  1. Gosh, I hope it's not serious. Get lots of sleep if you can!

    I've just started a post-surgical eats blog called Jaw Nom Nom. I'm looking for recipe submissions from people who have had orthognathic surgery. If you have any recipes or combinations you've liked, please e-mail me the recipe at tkates at gmail dot com.

  2. wow good luck with that I have my upper and lower on march 10th wish me luck!