Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Well, tomorrow will mark 8-weeks since my surgery!

Bad news first: The infection in the stitches up by my nose wasn't cleared up by the first round of antibiotics. I finished the antibiotics on Sunday night, and the area was still swollen and painful to the touch, so I called Dr. N on Monday morning. He ended up prescribing me another round of antibiotics. Hopefully this round will clear up the infection.

On to the good news!

I'm feeling fine (most of the time) I still get really tired, especially when I get stressed out. I'm really making an effort to not let myself get tired out, but it's difficult with stress from school and my busy schedule.

The swelling is going down, but it's still there. I can usually feel when I'm more swollen, and it's usually the left side that's more swollen than the right side.

My chin is still quite numb, there's a little feeling coming back along the edges. That's somehow more annoying than the complete numbness...a lot of the time it feels like something is dripping out of my mouth, when it's actually just the nerves tingling!

I'm being really careful with what I eat, and I'm not really biting into anything with my front teeth. They still feel very loose, so being super careful is better then moving too fast!

I'll be home in 3 weeks for spring break, so I'll have my next check up then!

<3 Stefane

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