Monday, March 22, 2010

Back to my old self!

I've been feeling better and better since my surgery, but this past weekend I truly felt like I was completely back to normal.

Saturday afternoon I was speaking at a conference held at my University, and I (of course...) procrastinated on writing my speech. That's not really a good thing, since I was supposed to speak for 30 minutes, lol! So, Friday night I was up really late working on it...I finished at 2 am and was still wide awake! I actually stayed awake for another hour, watching tv until I felt tired. That is the kind of energy I was used to having before this surgery, and this was really the first time I felt that I had it back :)

I'm also eating completely normally now: I was eating carrots yesterday and was amazed by the fact that I could bite off a piece of carrot with my front teeth...I've never been able to do that! My friends just laugh and shake their heads when I get excited about stuff like that...

Much Love,

<3 Stefane


  1. carrots? REALLY? already? that is amazing!!!!

    and congrats about being able to bite with your front teeth. I agree... I can't wait to eat:
    -a sub
    etc... so excited. :-D


  2. You can bite carrots? That's awesome!

    I'm at day 13, and I dream of biting into pizza. And maybe corn on the cob.

  3. well, baby carrots, and I make sure I pick the skinniest of them! The difference when I bite into food is truly amazing!

  4. Holy crap! No joke, I just ate my first carrot TODAY. I'm edging on 9 months out of surgery (and yeah, mine were the tiniest of baby carrots, as well).

    Sounds like you're healing really well... awesome!